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Ballymena 110kv & 275kv

This contract involved major refurbishment works on the NIE 110kV and 275kv Line Network in
Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Our GTS staff all hold the relevant authorisations in Northern Ireland allowing us to receive the necessary Switching permits to take control of multiple networks in NIE from 110kv to 275kv.

On both 110kv and 275kv circuits, outages may run long term to facilitate the major installation scope.

The 275kv circuits works can consist of hardware replacement which again could be glass discs, clamps various steel components, step bolts, line spacers, colour plates and even trolley inspections of the conductor.

It has been seen on curtain occasions the DNO may request the line be restored at short notice in the event of a system requirements or Storm escalation. We as GTS have thrived in such scenarios with our dedicated staff stepping up to meet such short notice requests.